Brown Middle School

On November 3rd, debaters, coaches, and parents from the Atlanta Urban Debate League community gathered at Brown Middle School for the third AUDL Middle school tournament of the year. Judges reported seeing some of the highest quality debates of the year. Harper Archer and Carson students from the CAD program had particularly stellar performances, making this their most successful tournament yet

Novice Team Awards – Top Fifteen
1. Westminster B (Rahul Patel & Luke Telljohann)
2. Stratford A (David Dozier & Hermanth Sanjeer)
3. Meadows F (Laura Gilbert & Sydney Stasch)
4. Carson D (Sanqual Franklin & Chris Wright)
5. Meadows K (Ethan Craig & Nora Correa)
6. Meadows I (Russell clark & Tom Vale)
7. Meadows H (Grace Ivey & Callie McDoungh)
8. Hybrid C (Indigo Belin (Woodward) & Frederick Harris (King))
9. Renfroe B (Chantal Wilmore & Nia Tippett)
10.Inman A (Kyle Cobb & Preston Choi)

Junior Varsity Team Awards – Top Ten
1. Crabapple B (Trevor Appier & Christine Caldwell)
2. King F (Samantha Chiang & Kiera Newby)
3. Brown C (Cara Caldwell & Alia Abdul-Jalil)
4. Westminister E (William McClatchey & James Pavur)
5. Brown D (Jasmine Key & Diamond Willingham)
6. Carson B (Justin Leonard & Sanquavious Weaver)
7. Westminster C (Sarah Hakani & Sana Hashim)
8. Inman D (Kanadu Amoakuh & Isabelle Taft)
9. Inman B (Sammi Dean & Mackenzi Smith)
10.Meadows D (Kate Beecham & Trey Bridges)

Varsity Team Awards – Top Five
1. Carson A (D’Angelo Bowie & Christopher Howard)
2. Hybrid B (Lauren Scott (Inman) & Leah Nugent (arbor)
3. Westminster H (Pooja Deshpande & Diana Turbayne)
4. Westminster G (Meyer Horne & Lesa Redmond)
5. Meadows A (Olivia Medley & Haley Shoji)

Novice Speaker Awards – Top Fifteen
1. Nia Tippett (Renfroe B)
2. Kyle Cobb (Inman A)
3. Aubree Clark (Meadows J)
4. Haleigh Griffin (Stratford C)
5. Hemanth Sanjeer (Stratford A)
6. Rahul Patel (Westminister B)
7. Shalonda Cash (Harper-Archer)
8. Shanqual Franklin (Carson D)
9. Sydney Stasch (Meadows F)
10. Ethan Craig (Meadows K)
11. Raynard Jackson (Carson E)
12. Marshall Grubb (Stratford B)
13. Priyanka Ambekar (Westminister A)
14. Frederick Harris (King) (Hybrid C)
15. Russell Clark (Meadows I)

Junior Varsity Speaker Awards – Top Fifteen

1. Christine Caldwell (Crabapple B)
2. Samantha Chiang (King F)
3. Sammi Dean (Inman B)
4. Kate Beecham (Meadows D)
5. Brandon Richardson (Brown B)
6. Victoria Hurse (Long C)
7. Alia Abdul-Jalil (Brown C)
8. Justin Leonard (Carson B)
9. Cara Caldwell (Brown D)
10. Diamond Willingham (Brown D)
11. Jacquez Solomon (Harper E)
12. Mackenzi Smith (Inman B)
13. James Pavur (Westminster E)
14. William McClatchey (Westminster E)
15. Trey Bridges (Meadows D)

Varsity Speaker Awards – Top Ten
1. Christopher Howard (Carson A)
2. Lauren Scott (Inman) (Hybrid B)
3. D’Angelo Bowie (Carson A)
4. Leah Nugent (Arbor) (Hybrid B)
5. Pooja Deshpande (Westminster
6. Haley Dhoji (Meadows A)
7. Olivia Medley (Meadows A)
8. Lesa Redmond (Westminster G)
9. William Selman (Meadows B )
10. Hayley Halston (Inman G)


Brainstorming Negative Arguments

One thing that debaters learn early on is the importance of preparation, cooperation, and the ability to see both sides of an argument. Here are some of the arguments supporting U.S. health aid to Africa, as heard at Benjamin S. Carson Middle School’s debate practice.

People are dying and it is a tragedy to watch and know that someone we could have saved has died. They are human beings who need be saved. If we are the “good persons” we say we are, we would save them, no matter who they are, how old they are, or what color they are.
-Sanquavius Weaver

We would want their help, if we were in need.
– Topaz Crowley

Some of these (the children) are our future. We are morally obligated to do so. We should work together to make life easier.
– anonymous

Voices: A Debater Speaks of Her Appreciation for History

By Lacretia Leigh, Alum of the Computer Assisted Debate Program and Graduate of Benjamin S. Carson Honors Preparatory Academy.

We visited the History Museum and were asked to write a paragraph on three events that happened in history. I learned about Benjamin Franklin and how he had a great effect on history with all of his inventions and his contributions to the advancement in the printing system, electricity, the postal system, diplomacy and the writing of more than four of our major founding documents including the U. S. Constitution. The world would not have had much of everything if it were not for Benjamin Franklin. Our ancestor took on great responsibilities. We learned a lot about the Civil War, the Olympics and other events in addition to that which we learned about Benjamin Franklin and we need to take it all into our heads. Learning new things about history brings us closer to our ancestors and an understanding of what they went through in order for us to have a world like we do.

Long Middle School Tournament Results

The results are in from the October 13th Tournament at Long Middle School. Congratulations to all who participated!

Novice: Team Awards
1. Brown D (Brandon Richardson & Trey Stanley
2. King D (Noni Ellick & Cedric Perkins)
3. Crabapple A (Trevor Appoer & Jaiysal Desai)
4. Arbor E (Shivani Patel & Marquis Turner)
5. Long A (Jazmyne Love & Shalinda McMahon

Novice: Top Speakers
1. Brandon Richardson (Brown D)
2. Jennifer Thach (King C)
3. Jayla Palmer (Long B)
4. Trevor Appier (Crabapple A)
5. Shivani Patel (Arbor E)
6. Noni Ellick (King D)
7. Shanqual Franklin (Carson E)
8. Trey Stanley (Brown D)
9. Cedric Perkins (King D)
10.Jazmyne Love (Long A)

Junior Varsity: Team Awards
1. Arbor D (Paula Cheng & Cameron Crawford-Mook)
2. Inman C (Tatiana Johnson & Lukas Olsen)
3. Meadows B (Jacob Kaplan & William Selman
4. Brown B (Jasmine Key & Diamond Willingham)
5. Inman D (Maragh Girvin & Liz Gray

Junior Varsity: Top Speakers
1. Paula Cheng (Arbor D)
2. Caroline Courtney (Arbor C)
3. Shannon Seteli (Arbor C)
4. Isabelle Taft (Inman E)
5. Cameron Crawford-Mook (Arbor D)
6. Quameeha Grandoit (Brown A)
7. Riley Ellingston (Arbor-Hybrid C)
8. Tatiana Johnson (Inman C)
9. Lukas Olsen (Inman C)
10. Jacob Kaplan (Meadows B)

Varsity: Team Awards
1. Calhoun A (Seth Johnson & Emily Lance)
2. Arbor A (Leah Nugent & Anna Zuver)
3. Arbor B (Josh Cetron & Eric Gramlich)
4. Carson A (D’Angelo Bowie & Chris Howard)
5. Inman B (Shaun Kleber & Lauren Scott)

Varsity: Top Speakers
1.Seth Johnson (Calhoun)
2. Emily Lance (Calhoun)
3. Chris Howard (Carson A)
4. Jasmine Burnett (Inman A)
5. Leah Nugent (Arbor A)
6. Lauren Scott (Inman B)
7. Michael McCanless (Calhoun)
8. D’Angelo Bowie (Carson)
9. Hayley Shoji (Meadows A)
10. Josh Cetron (Arbor B)

Tournament Two

In the middle school world, Saturday morning is typically reserved for sleeping in, watching cartoons, and eating the occasional pancake breaklogo2.jpgfast. Which is why the sight of over 100 middle school students, teachers, parents, and college kids filling the halls of Long Middle School as early as 8 am this past Saturday might stike as odd. However,for those familiar with the Atlanta Urban Debate League, this scene should come as no shock. The AUDL held it’s second tournament of the year at Long Middle School. Students gathered to debate health assistance to Africa, and did a superb job. The feedback from judges indicates that this year’s debaters are off to a strong start, with debaters who are enthusiastic, dedicated, and bright. We’ve seen true progress and excitement from students who continue to learn about the topic and hone their debate skills. Many thanks to the debaters, parents, and judges who showed up early on a Saturday morning to have constructive conversations about healthcare in Africa. An extra large thank you goes to Long Middle School for their exceptional hospitality.

Here are some scenes from throughout the day:

Carson Middle School’s debate team shows their dedication by spending time before rounds to get ready for their debates. Last minute highlighting, speed reading drills, and argument construction means the debaters are ready to do their best when the first parings are released.


More Carson debaters, D’Angelo and __, talk through their arguments before rounds.

Keeping their cool in their first debate round, debaters and brothers D’ante and Jacary highlight the fact that the CAD community is a big family, as well as the fact that while they may be new to the debate club, they are no strangers to the game.

Debaters Arnesha, Shanqual, and High School mentor Michael relax and regroup during the lunch break.

At the end of the day, the team comes back together to confidently await results:

And support the accomplishments of teammates.

The day was a big success!

Please check back soon for more updates from the Long Middle School Tournament, as well as updates from the CAD program.

2007-2008 Debate Resolution

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its public health assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Map of Africa coloured according to the percentage of the Adult (ages 15-49) population with HIV/AIDS.

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2007-2008 Policy Debate Resolution

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its public health assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa.

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